Florida Wellness Medical Group

About Dr. Unger

‚Äč Dr. Unger is a 2006 graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida.  He has received numerous leadership and humanitarian awards during the course of his education.  Dr. Unger has provided humanitarian chiropractic care to the people of Garapoba and Florianopolis, Brazil.  He helped raise money for  poor orphanages in these cities and helped bring these and other orphanages up to our standards here in the United States. Dr. Unger started his journey through chiropractic school after having been through a significant car accident that left him with three bulging discs.  A chiropractor fixed his disc without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Unger utilizes chiropractic treatments with therapeutic exercises and manual therapy to relieve his patient’s pain.  Dr. Unger also designs specific nutritional programs for his patients.  In addition to vitamin and nutrient supplementation, he outlines a complete diet and exercise program routine to help his patients reach optimal health. 

Dr. Unger’s comprehensive approach to restoring health encourages his patients to maintain optimal health and to prevent the development of disease.